Complements are the final stage in terms of home decoration. The walls are painted, the floors are finished, the doorframes are renovated, the furniture has been placed and… Now the only thing left is to define the style. Tablecloths may provide that original, unique and differentiating touch.

Manteles originales de diseño único

In many occasions table linen may be the solution to our home decoration concerns. Sometimes, the small everyday objects may be the final touch to define the style and complete the personality of a space. It is important though to carefully choose those elements and make sure they combine with the rest of the furniture and style. In our tablecloths selection you may find the perfect item top ut that final touch to your home decoration and to change the look of your dining table in just a few seconds by adding an unmistakable style.

Our modern tablecloths are the perfect solution to provide a fashionable touch to your table, and at the same time protect if from frequent use. This way, your table will always be impeccable, just like the first day. In our collection you will find numerous models and sizes, also place mats, which makes it easy to find the design that best suits with the rest of the decoration of your dining room, kitchen or terrace.

Modern tablecloths full of style

The small details define the style of a space. In our wide selection of modern tablecloths you will surely find the perfect model for a colourful vital and fresh table decoration and to surprise your dinner guests at home. Only by placing a modern tablecloth with vibrant colours, you will instantly see the difference .

Our tablecloths are the perfect solution to provide your dining table with a stylish look. And at the same time, they protect the table from frequent use and helps to keep it impeccable just like the first day. We offer a wide selection of models and sizes, including individual place mats. In short, everything you need to find the style and design that best fits with your dining room, kitchen or terrace decoration.

Extremely stylish tablecloths

The small details are the ones that define the style of a home decoration. In our vast selection of tablecloths you will definitely find the perfect model. They provide colour, vitality and freshness when having a dinner party at home with your family or frinds. You only have to place the tablecloth, and in just a few seconds you will change the entire image of the dining room or living room and make it dynamic and lively.

In our tablecloths collection you will find a wide selection of models in cotton and linen. These are resistant fabrics and easy to clean. This allows you to wash them either by hand or machine wash, and have them alwaus impeccable without hardly any effort. We also offer flexible PVC place mats, even more practical as they can be cleaned with just a damp cloth. A stylish and organized table in the blink of an eye.

In short, SuperStudio loves these items for being so unique, attractive and providing class and distinction to our table, we just simply adore them. Get inspired by our countless number of tablecloths design…