TV Stands

The TV is a vitally important electrical household appliance for the entire family and even more nowadays with all the poosibilities that it offers. It allows to play, watch movies online, browse the Internet, etc. But the most important is to place it where everyone can see it, a place that offers the possibility ot store cables, remote controles, other devices and accessories. And that is where a fundamental piece of furniture like the modern TV stand comes in. This piece allows to keep the living-room in order and well-organized.

Modern TV stand

A modern TV stand offers the necessary space to keep cables and accessories organized and accessible, without blocking the remote control. In SuperStudio you will find a selection of this perfect piece of furniture for your living-room, pieces that fit in any décor style and to any type of TV, available in different sizes, material, with or without rollers, drawers or doors. It´s just a matter a choosing the TV stand in line with your personal style.

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