Natural Fibre Rugs

The natural fibre rugs are home accessories that have become very popular in the last few years. And that shouldn´t come as a surprise, given that the natural fibre rugs are the best way to add an incredibly natural essence to any space. The versatility of natural fibre accessories is endless: they are excellent to use as rugs for the living room, but they also perfectly adapt to the hall area, and they are definitely an excellent item to use in the bedroom next to your bed.

When you are considering to buy natural fibre rugs, there are several aspects that need to be taken into account: the size of the space, the functionality or where it is used for and the overall decorative style. SuperStudio does not only concentrate on offering cheap rugs. What is really essential for us, is to offer the most trendy natural fibre rugs at an incredible price.


Over the last years, a vast number of natural fibre rugs models have come on to the market: round rugs, rectangular rugs, geometric rugs…. An endless variety. But, there are some models that have stood out above others, like the round jute rug or esparto rug. These have become real must-have s for everyone who loves natural fibre accessories.

But the wide variety of natural fibres doesn´t end here. Among the jute rugs and the fashionable esparto rugs, you will also be able to find sisal rugs, made of seaweed, and even wicker rugs. All of them sharing this one essential function: to introduce the essence of nature into your home décor.


Natural fibre rugs are chameleon-like. They can be integrated in every decoration style: Scandinavian, vintage, industrial, navy…. But if there is one style that is especially appropriate to use the jute and esparto rugs, it is the bohemian style.

Lately, the Boho-Chic style has become one of the most popular trends. But what exactly does this style consist of? The key is to combine different accessories made of natural fibre, like these rugs, and textiles with ethnic prints in thousand and one bright colours like maroon, yellow, blue or green. Accessories in this type of design are also known as tribal. This decorative style in all of its combinations have been shown over and over again on the covers of the best interior design magazines.

Another decorative style that is just right for natural fibre rugs, is the Wabi Sabi, a trend that seeks the beauty in the imperfection and that has Japanese influences. The Safari-Chic style is another top trend this season. What makes it so special is the combination of natural fibres, textiles with ethnic prints and a very chic essence that is achieved by adding gold or copper accessories and pieces of furniture. So, are you ready to decorate your home or establishment with our natural fibre rugs?