Outdoor lamps

In interior design we sometimes forget about the outdoor spaces, that also are very important. Outdoor lamps are the first step to make the most of your garden or patio.

Outdoor lamps

Like any other decoration project, illumination is a fundamental issue. Outdoor light isn´t necessary during daytime. However, when spring and summer are arriving, we all love to be outdoors, not only during the day but especially in the evening enjoying a fresh summer breeze. To fully enjoy summer evenings, it is essential to have some light points providing a cosy and pleasant atmosphere.

In SuperStudio we offer several models of outdoor lamps: floor lamps, pendant lamps and wall lights. This way we are sure that you will find your ideal piece of outdoor lighting. Because not all spaces are the same, or have the same lighting requirements. There are large outdoor spaces, and also smaller ones. Wide gardens without hardly any architectural barriers, and patios that have survived the mass construction.

In fact, it would be recommendable to mix different types of outdoor lamps in order to provide each area with a suitable lighting level. A correct illumination is essential, not only on a decorative level, but also on a functional one.

Outdoor lamps, the most original lighting

Our outdoor lamps all have a beautiful design of simple lines and a quality that makes them different from other lamps: the entire body is illuminated. Unlike traditional lamps that is made up of a body as a support for the light source, the light bulb, and a lampshade that covers it for easthetical reasons. In this case, the entire body of the floor lamp, is illuminated; the wall mounted bracket of the wall light as well; and the pendant lamp is a closed lampshade which doesn´t leave the lamp holder at sight. This way, the light flows out in all directions in a homogenous way.

They are made of a type of resin, completely protected from UV-rays. It is a lineal, médium density, polyethylene suitable for rotational moulding. This technique allows to achieve hollow pieces of large dimensions, yet lightweighted at the same time. In addition, this material is very easy to clean. It is sufficient to apply a grease-removing product, clean with a damp cloth and rinse with plenty of water. All these characteristics make our outdoor lamps suitable to withstand the outdoor conditions.

They are also perfect to combine with other artciles of our illuminated furniture collection: sofas, bars, tables, plant pots, etc. There are plenty of possibilities that allow you to change your outdoor decoration to get a very personal touch.