Outdoor tables

Super Studio Outdoor tables are specially designed to withstand inclement weather, rain, direct sunlight, excessive heat and cold. We have selected the most sophisticated models designed by firms of international recognition, made of resistant materials, suitable for gardens, terraces and outdoor areas in cafes, bars or restaurants.

Outdoor tables

Besides these practical qualities, each of our outdoor tables shows an obvious concern for the beauty of the lines. They present very original, striking and modern designs, where elegance and good taste predominate.

You will find outdoor tables with very different sizes, high, low, rounded, squared, with complex geometric shapes and fascinating; based on four legs or with a single central support. And materials range from plastics such as polyethylene to metals such as aluminum or steel. Whatever your needs are, we are confident that we have the perfect model for you, for your home or business.


Design outdoor tables

Outdoor tables are very versatile. The best material used for its fabrication is polyethylene. It is lightweight, does not deform with impacts and withstands extreme temperatures.

For all these reasons, plastic is ubiquitous in Vondom collections. This firm is characterized by its sharp designs, with an unmistakable style. They create unique pieces with a minimalist pattern. This is the case of the Pal table, which can serve also as stool, or can form a larger table joining two units. This is a work by the famous designer Karim Rashid. Or the models by New Garden, specialized brand in illuminated outdoor furniture. That distinctive feature helps to create an intimate and welcoming atmosphere in any outdoor space, to enjoy a pleasant evening in good company. This is the case of the Capri table, perfect for bar terraces.

We have other famous models, such as the México table, companion of the homonymous chair that is the quintessential symbol of summer. Ideal to create our corner of relaxation at the pool edge, for example. There are some more sober as the Barcino collection of metal tables, with a retro industrial touch such as the Mahler table and others which are essentially an authentic expression of Futurism, such as the Vertex or Moma tables.

We could continue, but we believe it is time for you to discover for yourself our catalog and catch yourself with our prices.

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