Patchwork chairs
Choose patchwork chairs to be up to date. And it is not a passing fad. The freshness, the vitality of the chromatic mixtures and the immense possibilities offered by this technique of furniture upholstery, are definitely here to stay. Traditionally, its use was reserved for the production of quilts, and the decoration of cushions or other home textile accessories. But, little by little, the patchwork has been monopolizing an increasingly prominent place in home decoration .

Patchwork Chairs

Patchwork means working with small pieces of material, like cloth, leather, etc. in different colors. In the 80s the use of patchwork in interior design became more popular. Over time, it has evolved into a more modern and sophisticated style, until reaching the greatest design classics. And this is were SuperStudio, comes into view to bring you the most excellent patchwork chairs.

Our collection of Patchwork chairs

If you are un uncoditional fan of the great designers, and you want to add a very original and colorful touch, then the Patchwork Chairs section is definitely your place.

The Patchwork Edition series of the Wooden or Wooden Arms chairs, are inspired by Charles & Ray Eames’ DSW and DAW chairs. And the Delos chair by the famous Organic, chair, another work of this designer’s couple.

The Phantom chair is transformed radically by covering it entirely with patchwork. This chair is based on the famous creation of Verner Panton. And the Tom chair is inspired by the curved shapes, which seam almost impossible, of Ron Arad.

If you opt for confort, we recommend the arm chair The Name or Freather which comes with a matching ottoman. The latter refers to the Oka airmchair designed by the Australian Grant Featherston.

There are also models of pastel shades, or more sober, in black and white, and others that have piping instead of patches. You will even find a version of the famous Corona chair by Poul Volther , covered with a floral pattern that reminds of oriental ornamentations.

The results of all these innovations are unique pieces with a lot of personality. Designs full of live, with outstanding combinations, sizes, textures and colors.

There are so many models available, that it is easy to integrate one of these chairs in very different enviroments: warm and colorful, bright and vibrant, gentle and soft tones, etc. What are you waiting for to give in to its charms?

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