Photo frame

Photos are memories of unforgettable moments, now with the digital age often we can have the nostalgia of losing the habit of revealing our photos, store them and occasionally take a look remembering old times and stories of our lives. But, however, one of the strongest trends in decoration is to decorate the walls with photos of our loved ones. To help you create a very personal decoration SuperStudio has the most beautiful models of photo frame in the market.

Photo frame

To create a unique place full of emotions in your home, a place in the end very own and personal, you do not need a lot, you just have to find the craziest and funniest photos, those that remind you of some moment in your life worth to remember and use our photo frame to hang them. With a rope and clamps you can create different effects. It can be untidy with the whole wall full of pictures or following a special combination or geometry. There are decorating styles with photos for everyone: retro, messy, overwhelming, organized… now you just need to find your style.

Photo frame to decorate in the most personal way

Our phorto frame are made of different colors and shapes and form the ideal set to decorate the bedroom in an original way. Freeing our imagination and hanging your favorite photos with tweezers in a few secondse you will have ready a unique space full of personality, what could be the collage of your life. We have different measures for the pictures and different shapes of frames, squared or t-shirt shaped.

The result of decorating with a photo frame is very visual and romantic, giving a vintage touch and creating something very personal in your home. We encourage you to decorate with photo frames and surround yourself with good memories every day.