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Plastic chairs
Plastic chairs offer a wide range of possibilities, that were quite unthinkable for this piece of furniture before. With regard to their indoor and outdoor use, their impact resistance, the flexibility and ease of molding the materials, their original and innovative structures and shapes, and the colors, including transparent ones which previously only could have been achieved with glass, not so practical for obvious reasons.

Plastic chairs

The industrial revolution has supposed a change of mentality, a new way of living, of consuming, more freedom of choice, an intense process of progress and innovation in many areas: science, technology, engineering ... and furniture, like any element that was part of the daily live, was also affected. Little by little, the great creative spirits of architecture oriented their interest towards furniture, to develop some of their most ingenious ideas. The chair acquired an unusual relevance, perhaps because of its nature, so functional and united to the human being. But it was not until the 20th century when the best works appeared, the icons of avant-garde design. And most of them, are represented at SuperStudio.

Our catalog of plastic chairs

Eames, Panton, Bouroullec, Saarinen, Arad, Arnio, are some of the most famous designers, evoked in our section with plastic chairs inspired by their best creations. This is the case of the Phantom Chair, the Torino Chair, the Ron Chair, the Jouyu one, Tulip chair series or the Ball Relax armchair. A wide collection which presents a very complete tour of the historical evolution of the use of different kinds of plastic such as polypropylene, ABS, PVC or polycarbonate. You will find fascinating pieces like the Queen chair, which refers to the works of the French designer Philippe Starck for the firm Kartell, which melts the Baroque Louis XVI style with the modernity of simplified lines and complete transparency. Others, like the Chair Line, based on the famous Navy Chair by the American firm Emeco, originally created in aluminum for the US Navy during World War II. A reconverted classic, with a touch of colorful vitality, thanks to the use of polypropylene as manufacturing material. We also have our version of the summer eye-catching chair, the Mexico Chair, inspired by the Acapulco Chair. And absolutely fascinating contemporary creations, such as Dypo Wood Chair and the Tower Arms rocking chair by Charles & Ray Eames, some of the designers that revolutionized the world of furniture. The time has come. Stop reading and immerse yourself in a world of unique designs that will capture all your senses. Discover the Superstudio plastic chairs.
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