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Plastic stools

A plastic stool comes in very handy in many homes, as they provide a sometimes necessary additional auxiliary seat. When decorating a room it is important to choose unique and elegant details, but always keeping in mind the practical side. And stools are definitely a key piece of furniture in this sense.

Plastic stool

A plastic stool is a simple and at the same time efficient alternative, an essential item in any home. Its possibilities are endless, it may be used for example to reach the highest shelf in the kitchen, or as an additional seat in the bathroom, etc.

Plastic stool, the most versatile decorative complement

A plastic stool can be useful in many ways: in the bathroom, the bedrooms, the kitchen… any corner in a room is ideal for such a versatile decorative complement. It is also ideal for establishments like bars and restaurants and offices. As the stool is made of plastic, it combines with any space and is easy to change from one place to another, which makes it a very flexible item.

But also in the living room a plastic stool may be useful. The basic colors like black, white and grey perfectly combine with the rest of the decoration and provides an elegant touch. They could also be used as an auxiliary table.

The kitchen is definitely the most suitable space for plastic stools. They can be used in combination with high bar-type tables or to reach high shelves in the kitchen closet.

The continuous movement in the bathroom throughout the day, makes a plastic stool a very useful auxiliary element in this space, for example to store towels, but also to create an intimate corner by placing a candle on top of it. If you have children, then stools make their life easier as they come in helpful to reach a higher shelf in a closet.

A plastic stool is a wonderful piece of furniture to create incredible, casual and informal corners. An area to play for the little ones, or a Reading corner for the adults. High stools are ideal for the kichen or dining room. And the lower, but not less glamorous, stools are attractive for its original and unusual shapes.

Not only does a plastic stool make the best use of space, many times it is also an important and necessary auxiliary piece of furniture. Modernize your rooms by placing a combination of stools in strategic points.

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