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Cushions with prints

In the catalogue of SuperStudio we dispose of almost 300 different cushion cover models. Among these you will find the perfect design cushions for your home. Cushions are a simple, but versatile element that thanks to the great amount of available styles, textures, colours and prints offers immense possibilities. Your home is the place where you take out the stress of the daily routine and where you rest. Therefore, it is important to care for all the details that increase your comfort and that make you feel good.

Printed cushions

Our printed cushions are essential elements to create pleasant and aesthetically attractive atmospheres. It is a simple and fast way to revitalise the living, sleeping room, the terrace or any other corner that is made for relaxing. However, apart from the selection of colours, prints and adequate forms, it is also important to save unity and balance between all the elements.

It’s all about very versatile pieces because when you decide to change the style, it will be so easy that you just have to remove the cover and re-cover the cushion with a new one. In all respects, they result very comfortable. It doesn’t matter what kind of decoration predominates in your home, if you want to add a modern and contemporaneous touch with a lot of style, you can’t miss at least one of our printed cushions. You can use them as singles or accompanied by other models like the classical, rectangular or square cushions of even colours or with prints. Whatever you decide, you will add a touch of unique and original style to your home decoration.

Decorate with printed cushions

If you want to create a pleasant and aesthetically very attractive atmosphere, printed cushions can be your essential ally. Nothing better than our printed cushions to add a very hip, modern and sophisticated touch to your home decoration. However, you should always try to not exaggerate with the number of cushions so that the effect won’t be too overloaded. We dispose of numerous models with infinite varieties of printed motifs – from those ones that imitate the forms of nature up to the most geometric one – all with a multitude of colour combinations. Surely, you will find perfect models for your home.

It’s time to provide your home decoration with the final touch. Nothing better than our printed cushions to add a touch of unmistakable style. And if you want to achieve a more dynamic and attractive result, we recommend you to combine these models with cushions of different forms and colours. The result will be an original and very modern composition.

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