Design poufs are very versatile pieces. They can serve as seat, footrest and also as side table. Maybe that's why they are so popular right now. Certainly, if you want your home or your establishment to be up with the latest trends in decoration, this is an element that cannot be missed in your home decoration.

Design poufs

In SuperStudio we have an interesting variety of models, varying from a classical to modern style, upholstered, soft or rigid models or made of hard plastic materials for use on terraces or pools. Indoor, they can be useful to save space. Outdoor, they are very practical as they may be moved easily from one place to another and they also provide a fun and unique touch.

For the lovers of the 60s retro chic style, the Cúbicopouf would be the perfect choice. The reticular form of its upholstery reminds us of the famous Mies sofa. It is available in two colours, white or black, and also in two different sizes, to suit your needs. If you love the feeling of a slight spongy sinking when sitting down, the Cube2 pouf is the ideal one for you. Smooth and soft, but stable at the same time. The outer fabric is leatherette and you can choose from three colours: white, red and black.

Very resistant poufs

For outdoor use, we recommend the Taffy model. It is made of neoprene and polyethylene, the best combination to withstand inclement weather and extreme temperatures. If you mix several of them, the result will be much more attractive, bringing vitality and freshness to the environment. Other outdoor options are the Moma Low and Chubby Low poufs. Both are made of polyethylene resin, a very resistant material and light at the same time. This allows continued use almost whitout deterioration. In addition, their lightness allows floating in the water so they are perfect models if you have a pool.

Finally, we can not forget one of the most outstanding models of our collection: the Jeans Stool. The interior structure is made of MDF chipboard to provide stability. It is then coated with high density foam for additional comfort. And finally, it is upholstered in real denim, simulating the jeans design, turning it into our most original pouf. Find the one that best suits your personal taste in this section, and take advantage of our discounts.

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