5 pieces Pyramid Canvas

Pyramid posters are an excellent choice for decorating any wall in your home or business, it doesn't really matter which is their content, the result will be always spectacular. Small details have the power to transform a room in an impressive way.

Pyramid posters

Canvas pictures complete the decor and add a very exquisite touch of class to any corner, but if you chose a canvas pyramid poster of 5 pieces the effect can be multiplied. They have an image divided into 5 pieces getting a very original and elegant effect.

The variety of pyramid posters has no limits and presents all kinds of designs, images of nature, landscapes, mythical cities, sunsets, skylines, floral motifs, sunsets, jetties, human figures, relaxing moments, etc. In SuperStudio you will surely find the one that suits to your needs. Its wide size makes it ideal for places where you want it to become the protagonist, such as dining room, corridor, bedroom, etc. achieving a very modern and cosmopolitan effect.

Pyramid posters, current and cosmopolitan decor

The centerpiece of the pyramid posters is bigger while the two which follow on each side are smaller, creating a nice optical effect when placed on the wall. The original design decorates in the most artistic and modern way with a floating effect, being each separate wall panel. Finishes are of high quality and the pictures will leave you speechless.

Canvas pictures are an excellent choice and our great partner in decoration, if you're thinking about putting one, don't hesitate, we assure you will be delighted with the result.