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Design room screens offer the perfect solution if you need to divide a room in different areas. You can easily move them from one place to another and they add a irresistible touch of style.

Design room screens

They are especially useful in lofts or houses with open spaces. With a room screen we can create a dresser in the bedroom or a small hall at the entrance. In the bathroom, they work well as a separation between the shower or bathtub and other elements. In the living room, is the ideal option to create a reading corner, avoiding environmental distractions. It also serves to cover up what we don't want to show; or cover large windows, which subtract privacy and allow the passage of too much light. Even, we can place it as headboard. It is one of the latest trends in decoration. “Biombo” is a Japanese word meaning “windbreak”. This was its original function at the time of the Han dynasty in China. Later, its use became popular in Japan, and then in Europe. The first models were made of a single panel. Over time, were added more panels and they increase in size. The panels are joined hinged to fold the screen when not used. Until our days, there have been many innovations in the structure and in the materials used in their manufacture. Creativity has reached such a point, that many design room screens are part of the collection of some museums. This shows another facet of this unique piece, as purely decorative element, as a sculpture.

Our catalog of design room screens

There are completely opaque design room screens, which acts as a wall preventing seeing what's behind. This is the case of the Eames Screen, composed of six lacquered wooden panels, joined together with strips of braided fabric. The result is an undulated surface, which can take different positions. In SuperStudio we also have translucent models such as the Capo Reparto Screen. A more original choice is the Eileen Gray Screen. Combine fixed and moving squares, which can be opened or closed to let light enter or not, according to our needs. This model is one of those examples of these design room screens that inhabit museums, specifically in the MOMA in New York. Definitely, room screens are a very practical and funcional furniture item, but at the same time they are beautiful and represent in many cases the best design. Ideal to delimitate spaces whitout renounce to style.