The sideboard in the beginning was used for storing plates, glasses, cutlery, the dishes in particular. In general, its place was next to the dining table and its function was to store the complements that are necessary for dinner service.

The Sideboard

Over the years, both the design and the functionality of the sideboard have been evolving. It doesn´t have to be used necessarily to store accessories for dinner service. It is used to store any type of complements, whether the TV remote control or throws for the sofa.

The Sideboard, more than just a storage place

This piece of furniture has been gaining ground with respect to home decoration. It has grown from being a simple storage place to being one of the designer eye-catchers. The sideboard is extremely versatile which allows it to be used in any empty corner in your home. In the hall it could be used as hall furniture to welcome your guests: in the dining room it will provide a distinctive touch and may also be used as occasional table. In the living-room, depending on the height, it could be used as a TV stand. Or even in the bedroom to add extra storage space while introducing a personal touch.

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