Sofa bed

A design sofa bed is the perfect solution for rooms with limited sapce where an additional bed needs to placed. During the day, you will be able to enjoy a comfortable and stylish sofa. But when you have guests coming over to sleep, it can be easily changed into a versatile, practical and comfortable design sofa bed.

Design sofa bed

This practical quality does not mean however that we have to give up on style. It has to combine and be in harmony with the rest of the decorative elements, and respect the beauty of the lines. And that is where SuperStudio comes in to assist you in taking the right decision with our selection of design sofa beds.

Sometimes straight lines are appreciated, without complications but offering exactly what we need, comfort, functionality and a fair price. At SuperStudio we have many combinations available both in style, fabric and mattresses that allow us to achieve the comfort, functionality and adaptability that we are looking for. Besides they are extremely easy to change from sofa to bed and vice versa.

Design sofa bed for every taste

SuperStudio offers any kind of model. From the most practical design sofa beds that have a very simple system to convert it into a one-seater armchair, a lounge chair with backrest or an extra bed when completely extended. It is as easy as to fold both sides or just one, depending on the piece that is needed or wanted. An armchair, a lounge chair and a bed all in one, with the elegant Karchof or Cardif design.

Or what to think about an individual elegant and comfortable armchair that can be converted into a bed when you have unexpected guests over, like the Werder model.

But also wider, comfortable and elegant sofa that are converted into a huge bed. These models offer great comfort both as sofa and as bed. And besides they combine the practical side with an easy conversión. We highlight the Nepouf, Hoffen and Dominos Nedos models in polyurethane. And for those who want an even more elegant one, we have the Stuttgart model made of high quality leatherette.

A sofa bed is the perfect solution if your living space is limited but you don´t want to give up on offering a comfortable place to sleep to your guests. This way, you really can make the most of the available space in your home.

The design sofa bed is without any doubt the most practical piece of furniture, taking its functionality to a máximum: it can be used as a sofa and an extra ben when needed, it occupies that space of a sofa during the day and at night it offers the ideal solution to change it into a bed.

Visit our category of sofa beds, get inspired and take advantage of our discounts to enjoy maximum comfort and functionality and make the most of your home.