SuperStudio design sofas offer you the chance to experience comfort to another level. Comfort is combined with good taste to give rise to an exquisite selection of iconic pieces, with classic or modern style, and other contemporary models where prevails the elegance of forms. We have also dedicated a special section to sofa beds, which are ideal for apartments with limited space or to have an extra bed when necessary, in any kind of house.

Design sofas

The sofa is the undisputed star of the living room. And this is the quintessential room of our home where we really "live", we spend time, we relax after a hard day working, we share moments with our family and our friends. A good sofa makes the difference in these situations, in the enjoyment of a proper rest, and being a good host who pampers his guests as they deserve. Different upholstery, fabrics, materials, colors, structures, sizes… We have collected all possibilities to find the perfect piece that fits with your home decor, or in the waiting room of your establishment, in the reception of your hotel, etc. We also have outdoor design sofas, made of rattan or resistant plastic materials such as polyethylene. They are specially designed for continuous use. They are ideal for your own terrace or swimming pool, and for bars or restaurants with gardens or outdoor areas.

Design and avant-garde design

You'll find famous sofas such as the Mies sofa or the classic Chester, the latter also in a more modern version, upholstered in denim. And also other highlight models within avant-garde furniture, such as the Blossy or Morfeo sofas, with two mobiles reading lights. Some of them are inspired by mythical chairs, as the Barcelona chair. And others are contemporary creations which have won recognition in their own right, as the West Canvas sofa in vintage style, resting on wheels to provide easier movement. There are recliners models as the Comet sofa, three-seaters sofas with chaiselongue that can be deployed or hide depending on the needs of each case, corner sofas, sofa beds of very varied dimensions and so on.

Now it's time for you to choose the right sofa for your or your customer's rest. The best suited to the environment where you want to integrate it. And thanks to SuperStudio's discounts, you'll get it at incredible price.

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Sofa bed
HANNOVER Sofa Bed 220,61 €

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CUBER Armchair
CUBER Armchair 434,67 €

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