Table tops & legs

The table is definitely the main part of the dining room, the kitchen or the living room. They must be practical, durable and stable as they provide a meeting point and meeting place for the residents of the house, or the co-workers. To these inescapable qualities we want to add an extra touch of style. In addition, we are convinced that the functionality of a cabinet can’t in any case take precedence over good taste and aesthetics. Dining tables, side tables, office tables, coffee tables, TV tables, consoles… the variety of this piece of furniture is huge. In SuperStudio we have a wide collection to meet the needs of our customers both at home and in their workplace.

Design table tops and legs

We also cover the needs of the most demanding ones, offering, in addition to our many models of design tables, another interesting option, which can give more freedom of customizing your spaces: discover our wide selection of design table tops and legs with which you can create by yourself the composition that best suits your tastes and your needs. Find the most appropriate legs and combine them with a wide variety of table tops in order to create your personalized table.

Combine table tops and legs

The industrial advances of the past century have allowed the introduction of new materials such as polyethylene or other plastics, opening a huge range of possibilities in terms of textures, shapes and colours. Several designers have taken this versatility to the limit, taking risks with amazing structures. Another advantage of industrialization is undoubtedly the possibility of combining including prefabricated parts such as table tops and legs.

Who said that the industrialized furniture has to be all the same? Experience different combinations of legs and table tops for a design object perfectly suited to your needs and your home spaces, both indoors and outdoors, without losing of sight the good taste and a touch of unmistakable style that characterizes our models.

We also cover the demands of the catering business, where, besides the various models of bar counters and tables for indoor and outdoor use, the combination of legs and table tops always allows you to have extra tables available for special events and celebrations or for your outdoor terrace in summer.