3 pieces Canvas

Pictures are the most important part of the home, even if it doesn't seem a house is never complete until those decorative pieces that provide character and personality to the room are not added, even changing its style or adding a touch of design. A very good option to accomplish this task are the paintings that combine the modern with the classic. And which better choice than a triptychs canvas, which instead of a canvas combines three different ones.

Triptych canvas

Canvases are a perfect choice for decoration, they are cheap and the result is very showy. A triptych canvas works exactly like a normal painting but the three paintings make up a unique image.

Triptych canvas, the most original design form

In SuperStudio we know how important it is to decorate a home, so we help you with a selection of amazing triptych canvases that will dress your home in a surprising way. Among different models we have photos of wild nature, landscapes in the world, assemblies or objects. All of them combine three pieces in order to create a dazzling effect.

We especially recommend triptych canvases for the living room above the sofa where they give a very original and modern point with a cosmopolitan view of a city or even a very relaxing touch with some Zen model. You can choose from classic, elegant, sober, sophisticated, spectacular or craziest designs but for sure with a tryptic canvas you will achieve a decoration that won't leave anyone indifferent. But they are also very effective in other parts of the house as in the hall, in the bedroom above the bed head, in the hall, in a living room, etc. The hardest thing now is to know which one to choose among all options.