There is no more special piece of furniture than trunks, a vintage style accessory very easy to match with any of our home furniture or any decor. With trunks we manage to provide a unique and special touch to the room or the space where we place them. Furthermore, not only you can store the clothes and accessories you don't but also toys or even use them as decorative elements or rustic bedside tables.


In SuperStudio we love trunks, especially if they are old. They are an ideal decorative element, besides we can also decorate vintage trunks as we like, taking our creative vein. One of the sites where trucks have more prominence becoming the centerpiece of our bedroom is at the foot of the bed, and we can put over it some books or a crocheted blanket to decorate it. In this way us vert easy get our bedroom to have that personal touch that we seek.

Trunks for your Home, order and decoration all in one

One of the most popular utilities of trunks is to save children's toys when they finish playing or other objects like blankets in the children's room. Trunks are an excellent way to keep everything organized and to promote order among children.

Trunks, although they seem old, can add a very special touch to any space, they especially fit colonial or chic styles. Besides being a storage element They can also serve as auxiliary table or dresser for your bedroom. The lobby and the entrance are perfect places for trunks since they will hoard all the gazes of our visits but they will also allow us to have everything well ordered at home.

Materials and styles of the trunks are varied, predominating wood, rattan and wicker, with a classic, vintage or romantic style.

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