Upholstered chairs

Upholstered chairs have never been out of fashion. Its modern and avant-garde design together with the possible combinations of different fabrics and textures, turn it it into a very exclusive and totally differentiated product. But that´s not all, also the vitality of chromatic mixes and the huge amount of possibilities that offer this upholstery technique, makes our collection of upholstered chairs extremely versatile, resistant and comfortable.

Upholstered Chairs

Traditionally, until the eighteenth century, the only way to make a chair more comfortable was to put cushions on the seat. Later, the French invented the classic elbow chairs, which had the central part of the armrest upholstered, just the place where the elbow rests, thus making it more complete, pleasant an attractive. Nowadays, upholstery has evolved in many ways and little by little they are appearing more and more in our home decoration. Therefore, the use of upholstered chairs is not only limited to the dining room, it could in fact be used in any spot: think of the hall, the living room, the bedroom or the dressing room, thus creating a balanced atmosphere.

Also worth mentioning are the patchwork upholstered chairs. The patchwork technique was traditionally being used to make decorative quilts or cushions, or any other home textile accessory. Nowadays patchwork has become very fashionable, pretty much because of its fresh and lively look, as well as the colour combinations.

Our collection of upholstered chairs

If you´re an absolute fan of the great designers, and you want to add a colourful and original touch to your home décor, you should definitely visit our Upholstered Chairs section.

The Wooden or Wooden Arms models, inspired by Charles & Ray Eames´ DSW and DAW chairs, are completely transformed when covered with fabrics of different colours and textures. The same goes for the Delos chairs, the famous Organic, another work of this designer´s couple.

Those of you who´re looking for something really special, will absolutely love the Tulip Cashmere Upholstered chair, made of fibre glass and completely upholstered in durable, high quality cashmere fabric. Indeed a 20th century design icon.

If you´re looking to inject pure elegancy in your home décor, the leather upholstered Spears chair is an excellent choice.

If comfort is what you´re looking for, we recommend the The Name or Freather armchair with matching ottoman. The latter, refers to the Oka armchair, created by the Australian designer Grant Featherston.

This innovation results in a collection of unique pieces, all showing their own personality. Lively designs together with highly effective combinations of fabrics, textures and colours, make these kind of chairs extraordinary items.

These trendy and fashionable chairs provides warmth, vitality and originality to any space. Take a look at our wide range and choose among the different models and styles.

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