Velvet Chairs

Velvet chairs have become a real icon in interior decoration. Velvet always has been synonymous with style and sophistication, but since a couple of years, this material has been adapted to the new trends in home décor. And nowadays these pieces are the most admired modern chairs of the 21st century.

However, the velvet dining chairs aren´t the only popular items this season. Any living-room in Mid-Century style should have its velvet armchair. In SuperStudio you will not only find a thousand and one designs of velvet chairs, but also velvet sofas and armchairs in every colour you can imagine.


SuperStudio selected this season´s trendiest colours so we can offer you the top chromatic range available in the market. We could say that in our online decoration store you will find one of the widest collections of blue velvet furniture online as well as other colours like pink, green or mustard yellow velvet chairs.

It´s not an easy task to find low-priced quality velvet chairs. Here we do not only offer a wide variety of velvet chair models. We are also very much insisting on the quality of both the materials and the finishes. A clear example of this are our velvet chairs with gold legs: elegance in its purest essence. But don´t let the perfection of its finishes and its sophistication mislead you. Thanks to our daily offers, you will now be able to get these perfect upholstered dining chairs at an unbeatable price.


Whatever the decoration style in your home or establishment, here you will find the perfect velvet chair. You might think that these velvet upholstered chairs may be a limitation when it comes to decorating a space, but this is far from the truth. Our velvet chairs are experts in creating extraordinary and very special contrasts.

Adapt these dining chairs to any décor style: Scandinavian style, vintage, Mid Century or even rustic. Yes, you´re right, rustic. There is no better partner for the velvet chair than a solid wood table. The combination of both textures, the natural shade of the wood and the elegance of velvet, create a decorative set that will be worthy of any magazine cover. If, on the other hand, you´re more inclined to homogeneous and straight decorations, you could add a nice, sweet touch by adding pink velvet chairs. The grey finishes are perfect to create spaces in neutral shades that are characteristic for the Scandinavian style. Joint the softest trend of this season with our velvet chairs!

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