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Wooden boxes

Vintage style is now more fashionable than ever. And if we add the effect of aged wood in decoration, we have one of the most popular trends of recent times. One of the most prominent examples are wooden vintage boxes. They remind us those wooden boxes with fruit which once were exposed along the streets. Now that these parts have been replaced by plastic boxes, vintage wooden boxes have become very coveted pieces for many professionals, interior designers and decorators.

Wooden vintage boxes

The effect of wooden vintage boxes is universal, they are endearing and bring that memory of nostalgia for the past. In SuperStudio we have a special collection of wooden vintage boxes specially prepared for you. There are many possibilities, they can serve as a magazine rack, shoe cabinet, nightstand, wall shelf for storing objects or garments or as simple objects of decoration. A very original way to decorate your home and place objects at once.

Wooden vintage boxes for home decor

Decorate your home with wooden vintage boxes is very easy, it will provide that trendy and chic touch that we like. Models range from natural wood up to painted wood, decorated with letters or without them, multipurpose with handles, with removable dividers, of different sizes, etc.

We know that small details are what really matter when defining a style. With wooden vintage boxes you'll get a very different air for your living room, bedroom, restaurant or business. Wooden vintage boxes are back in fashion for a very personalized and unique decoration in your home.

Wooden vintage boxes are also a very useful piece for events and celebrations where they bring their chic and original touch.

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