Who said that a lamp is needed to decorate a room? Sometimes it´s enough to use one of those special vintage style bulbs to create the perfect atmosphere. Lamps may be very fancy, with small or big lampshades, made of fabric, glass or polystyrene, colourful etc. But sometimes, depending on the space and the type of decoration, decorative bulbs are the real eye catchers. These usually are bulbs that provide a very warm light and are highly decorative.

Vintage bulbs

SuperStudio offers many models to choose from. Vintage bulbs with exposed filaments, imitating the mythic bulb invented by Thomas Alva Edison, with a retro, Art Noveau, Victorian or vintage touch. Available in different sizes, they create an extraordinary lighting bringing a warm atmosphere, just like a candle. Another model is the energy saving bulb, having a spectacular, elegant and dynamic design. This type offers warm light with an impressive appearance. Another type of vintage bulbs are the ones inspired by Thomas Edison´s original design. This model provides any space with a nostalgic retro style atmosphere. Its soft and gold light is truly fascinating and its historic victorian and Art Nouveau style allows it to be adapted to practically an space. We must add to this collection the special, energy saving, LED bulbs. They have a similar decorative effect as a halogen lamp, although not achieving the warmth of the models mentioned before.

Vintage bulbs, a different way of lighting

One of the recommendations in terms of decorating with vintage bulbs, is placing them in an original lamp holder or coloured cable. The bulbs are perfect to create combinations and a personalized lighting in terms of colour, style and size. In addition, they may be used outdoors by placing them in a decorative metal, retro-vintage style cage, which will create a really different and original lamp.

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