One of the most decorative elements at home are vintage mirrors. There are large mirrors with perfectly designed wooden or metal frames in modern or classical style with classic or minimalist decorations or floral and circular motifs.

Vintage Mirrors

Vintage mirrors often are made of worn metal or have wooden frames. The colours of the frames can range from silver or gold up to wood, different colours or printed jeans. They also have different shapes ranging from wavy, squared, oval to rectangular.

Vintage mirrors to make your home dazzle

Vintage mirrors have multiple locations where they are placed thanks to its versatility. The same mirror may be appropriate and adapt to the space transforming the whole room in the entrance, the bathroom, the double room, the corridor or the dining room. Besides vintage mirrors give a sense of expanding space and they have the virtue of make a small room look much larger.

In SuperStudio we have a collection of vintage mirrors designed for all styles of decoration. From the model CLASSIC OPAL in its various dimensions and sizes, the original JEAN with an original frame made of denim fabric which blends perfectly creating a unique piece, the DUNA model with a very original shape, the elegant ASIA in gold or silver version, the originals HASAMI, the elegance and warmth of the MAOS mirror with wooden frame, among many other models.

But if you are looking for a decorative and ornamental element we recommend the models GHIRIGORI, a beautiful oval mirror with a delicate design made of antique iron, or MONDRIAN, with a border of circles which forms an elegant frame.

Vintage mirrors will be the centerpiece of your decor in many rooms at home, so don't think about it and make up your mind for one of these beautiful designs.