Vinyl rugs

In the time of style and design without borders, new products appear that we never imagined to exist. And even less that they would become essential for our homes. This is the case of the vinyl rugs. This element is a fusion of the traditional common rug and the design and functionality of the most characteristic elements in the area of interior decoration.

Vinyl Rugs

Vinyl rugs are a combination of traditional and modern design. Rugs with bright colours, pastel colours, with geometric shapes or pieces that imitate the highly popular encaustic patterns. There is no vinyl rug that cannot be adapted to your home décor style..

Vinyl rugs, the decoration of the future

Rugs are an essential element in any room of our home, where we want to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere. They are also extremely useful to provide a personal touch to the home interior.

Vinyl rugs offer several advantages, in contrary to acrylic fibre rugs. In order to keep them clean it is not necessary to take them to the drycleaner. They will be like new by just cleaning them with a mop. In addition, this pice has become an essential element in homes with children, thanks to the quality of the materials they are made of. They are anti-allergic, don´t get scratched and are extremely insulating and durable.