Wall wooden plaques

If you want that your house really reflects your character, there are details that you can not forget, as wooden plaques. Dress the walls, bring an original touch and help to define the personality of a space.

Wooden plaques

Among all types we can find, wooden plaques are a great choice due to their resistance. Furhermore, they have a very authentic vintage style, which integrates nicely in rustic, Nordic, minimalist environments etc.

In our catalog we have models of various sizes and colors, with floral decorations, emblematic cities, exotic birds or antique cars. We also have compositions formed by several pictures, or some more functional as those including a clock or a blackboard to write notes.

You can surprise your guests receiving them with a positive phrase at the entrance of house: Live, Laugh, Love, Dream. Or make them smile with a recurring thought: Coffee is always a good idea. Other messages are authentic declarations of intent of the person who inhabits the place.

If you want to change the style of a room, wooden plaques offer an easy way to get it, without painting the walls or change the furniture. Sometimes, a small gesture, makes a big difference. And when you get tired, you will just have to replace the pictures with new ones.

How to decorate with wooden plaques

Design wooden plaques are perfect for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, working places, or even kitchens. Forget conventional ideas. You can hang them on the wall with tips, sure. But you can also innovate. Place the boxes on a shelf or on a floating shelf. It's important that the shelves end in edge, so that the pictures do not slip and fall. And they can also be alternated with books and other decorative objects.

You can place them on the wall above the fireplace, on a table or even on the floor. You will get a more informal look for your home. If you like to change often, the latter options are the best for you. So you won't need to make holes in the walls every time you change your pictures.

If you hang them, do it at different heights. Combine different sizes to create a more dynamic and attractive pattern. And, first of all, always check the composition on the floor, before hanging it.

A large composition is perfect for the corridor and to eliminate the feeling of emptiness. They can help you camouflaging areas that you do not want to expose, as a light box, a safe, etc. You can even use them to create the illusion of a headboard, if you put them on the bed.

As you can see, there are endless possibilities. You just have to choose the perfect design wooden plaque for you.