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Design wall stickers are an excellent option to add a distinctive touch to our home. The model diversity turns them into ideal elements for everybody and their great versatility makes it possible to use them in any part of the house: in the dining, living room, bedroom, entrance, corridor, etc.

World map stickers

In SuperStudio we are specialized in design, therefore we want all our products to be considered as elements that are capable of differentiating and providing design transforming the most minimum space with only a few details. Decoration has the power to transform a hall into a room with personality and therefore plays a very important role.

Because of all these reasons, we are not only fans of design Wall stickers, but we have also prepared a special collection of world map stickers made of vinyl for all the audiences in accordance with the contemporaneous tendencies. Prepare yourself to plan your next journey looking at the walls of your home or workplace – with this decorative, very modern option.

World map stickers for everyone

Design wall stickers can be the ideal decoration solution for all the rooms where we don’t want to make huge decoration efforts or for the ones we just possess a few resources or that consist of reduced size. Besides, their application is very easy because you only have to choose the zone and stick them onto the wall. Decorating your home has never been so easy.

If you have any room that seems boring to you and you want to give it a touch of vitality or you miss some element that provides it with style, SuperStudio helps you with this task. We offer you a variety of world map stickers made of vinyl so that you can travel in your mind while you stay comfortably relaxed home. Besides, with only a few gestures you will gain an extra portion of design in your home and get a home that is in accordance with the latest trends in terms of decoration. You only have to choose the model that you like best, the application is very easy and the change effects are immediate.

You can choose between a wide fan of different models, from the most classical and elegant models in white and black up to the most original and coloured versions. In a few minutes, you will transform a dull room without style into a modern space full of design.

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